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Question marksPloucha Chiropractic Center Answers Common Questions

Like other Southside Pittsburgh PA chiropractors, we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…

Once you go to a Chiropractor, do you have to go forever?

Dr. Ron Ploucha says, “No, you don’t have to have chiropractic care forever, but in my opinion, you should.” A lot of people do choose to have ongoing wellness care after their spinal problem is corrected to keep it that way. Many people report that regular spinal adjustments make them feel better and keep them healthier, but the choice is always up to you.

Do you take my insurance?

Ploucha Chiropractic Center participates in most insurance networks. When you come into our chiropractic office, we will do a complimentary insurance verification of your benefits and let you know exactly what your insurance will and will not cover. We also have very affordable payment plans for patients that do not have adequate insurance or any insurance.

Am I too old to go to the Chiropractor?

No, age has nothing to do with going to a Chiropractor. We have had parents bring in their newborn babies to be adjusted and our oldest patient right now is 96 years “young”. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of better posture, better balance, less aches and pains and more mobility at any age.

Why do you have to take x-rays?

Simply put, x-rays are necessary because to see is to know, not to see is to guess. I won’t guess about your spinal health. They also help the doctor rule-in or rule-out other issues that may be causing your symptoms.

I am not in any pain, why should I get my spine checked?

You should, because pain is usually the last thing to come and the first thing to go away. Often, a problem festers over time and once you begin to have pain, the damage has already occurred and will take longer to heal and correct. Chiropractic care is a preventative maintenance care.

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