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Multigeneration familyTreating Common Health Problems

Naturally, chiropractic helps traditional neck and back problems, but chiropractic has also produced wonderful results with a variety of other health problems, such as headaches, migraines, and shoulder pain.

Ploucha Chiropractic Center uses techniques that help our patients enjoy the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. As Southside Pittsburgh chiropractors there are certain health conditions we especially enjoy helping. For us, our most rewarding cases involve…

Migraine Headaches

Once a patient comes to see me with migraines, it is usually as an unfortunate last resort. They have gone to their PCP’s, seen specialists, tried numerous drug therapies and have usually gotten frustrated with no relief. We can show you after just a few chiropractic adjustments how to “curb” the pain and sensitivity of those migraines forever and without drugs.

Carpal Tunnel

Most carpal tunnel patients I see in our office are unaware of the fact that sometimes the symptoms of carpal tunnel are actually coming from a misalignment in their neck, known as a subluxation. An examination of the cervical spine can reveal this misalignment and help in creating a treatment plan to relieve the symptoms easily and pain-free.

Leg pain/Also known as sciatica

This condition is common and may occur in either leg. Patients that I see with sciatica are usually in quite a bit of discomfort. They do not realize that the nerves in the leg originate from the back and it usually ends up being a spinal problem instead of a leg problem. By examining the lower back , I can detect the spinal misalignment, remove the nerve interference and eliminate the leg pain.

Auto injuries

Most people involved in an auto accident experience spinal trauma even if it doesn’t cause immediate pain. Symptoms can appear days, weeks, even months later. It is very important to have your spine and neck examined by a Chiropractor after any type of vehicle crash. It is easier to correct the problem immediately after the accident than wait for more severe damage to set-in.

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